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Do you want to know what Sun means in tarot? If yes, this is the right article for you. As you will see in this article, the Sun in Tarot represents a strong and positive message.

The Sun Card is the 19th Major Arcana of the Tarot. To understand the meaning of the Sun card in Tarot, let’s first reflect on the importance of the Sun for the life of our planet.

The Sun is our primary energy source, and everything on our planet depends on the Sun for survival.
You can already understand how important the Sun card is, right?

Now, let’s understand a little more about this card and its symbolism.

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Who is Arcanum 19 of the Tarot?

Arcanum 19 or The Sun is the arcanum symbolized by a radiant sun, which illuminates everything and everyone.

In symbolic meanings, Arcanum 19 has: vitality and joy. Its rays bring with them protective spiritual influences. Resurrection at the end of the night. More intuition and clarity.

It almost always brings the message of success and achievements.

Card the Sun in the Mythological Tarot

In the Mythological Tarot, the card The Sun has an important symbology.

It is about the god Apollo, knight and god of knowledge and music. Therefore, in its representation in the letter, there is a lyre. The image of the god Apollo is the one who brings the power to dispel darkness.

He is considered one of the greatest gods of Olympus. Seen by many as a just god of law and order.

Also in mythology, his nickname was Phoebus, which means “He Who Shines”. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, goddess of the Night. And he is also the twin brother of Artemis.

God Apollo healed the world’s pain through music.

The Sun Tarot Card in Love

The Sun card in love brings emotional intelligence, the possibility of support and support for the most sensitive issues of the heart.

Affective relationships tend to be thriving and solid.

The Sun at Work

It symbolizes the realization of dreams, better financial life and success. If you are an employee, it might bring you higher earnings or even a promotion.

If you’re currently out of a job, you’ll likely have good news soon.

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