List of Star Names

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Many look for names of stars, after all, nothing is more beautiful than names inspired by celestial bodies.

Constellation names, with star names, come from a variety of sources and each has a different story and meaning to it.

Ancient constellations often have their meaning in Greek mythology, while the most recently discovered constellations were mostly named after scientific instruments and exotic animals. As it’s about naming, there aren’t exactly a rules.

We’ve put together an amazing list of male and female star names. Share with your friends!

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Star names

Star names for girls

We will start our list with female names.

  • Mimosais an alternate name for the star Beta Crucis, or Becrux.
  • Suncomes from the Latin sol, solis is the central star of the Solar System. This name can be used for both girls and boys.
  • Alcioneis one of the cutest star names for girls. With an unknown meaning, it has Greek origins and is found in the constellation Taurus and also in Greek mythology.
  • Estela. It means “star”, of Latin origin. It is a traditional and quite common name that maintains all the attractiveness and an irresistible touch.
  • Adharais a name of Hebrew origin and its meaning speaks of “the most beautiful”. Certainly because it is also the most beautiful star in the Canis Major constellation.
  • Altairis the name of Arabic origin and has a meaning ‘she who flies’, perhaps because this star belongs to the constellation eagle. It is a name that can be used by both girls and boys.
  • Maiais a name of Greek origin with a meaning ‘the mother’. In addition to being a mythological name, it is one of the stars of the constellation Taurus.
  • Meissais a name of Arabic origin and means “white spot”. It is found in the sky in the constellation Orion and is an original name with a lot of personality.
  • Suhailis an Arabic name and with the meaning of gentile, it is the third brightest star in the constellation Vela.
  • Ogmais the name given to a star discovery in the constellation of Hercules, honoring the goddess Ogma, a deity from Celtic mythology.
  • Vegais a beautiful female name. It has an Iberian origin and its meaning is related to ‘fertility’. To add an extra appeal to the name, it is also a star in the constellation Lyra.
  • Meropeis a name of Greek origin and means ‘honey mask’. It is found in the constellation Taurus, but also as a character in mythology, which makes it an original and very particular name.
  • Zaniah. The name is of Arabic origin and its meaning is related to the ‘angle’ by the position it occupies in the constellation Virgo. This name gives off freshness, charisma and personality.
  • Nashira. In the constellation of Capricorn we find this name of Arabic origin which means ‘the one who brings good news’. It is a rare name, but without being extravagant and denotes sweetness.

Star names for boys

Now, let’s see the top male star names.

  • Homamis a commonly used name, a contraction of an Arabic phrase meaning “the hero’s lucky stars”, presumably from The hero Perseus.
  • Cruxis the name of a complete constellation, known as the Southern Cross. Its name is of Latin origin and means ‘cross’. It’s a name that works for both boys and girls.
  • Leoé de origem latina, e com significado relacionado com o “leão”, é o nome de uma constelação. It is also a zodiac sign.
  • Castoris a name of Greek origin, and its meaning related to ‘musk’ belongs to a star in the constellation Gemini.
  • Phoenixis of Greek origin, and represents the “bird that rises from the ashes”. It is a mythological name that people know thanks to the legend of the bird that is consumed by fire and is reborn from its ashes. It is also the name of a constellation.
  • Denebis a name of Arabic origin meaning “authority, boldness and combativeness” and occupies a place in the Swan constellation.
  • Orionis the name of one of the most visible constellations. It has a Greek origin and its meaning speaks of ‘mountains’. It is an ideal name for its forcefulness and the personality it has.
  • Siriusis the name of the brightest star and is located in the constellation Canis Major. It is of Greek origin, its meaning is unknown.
  • Polluxis a name of Greek origin with a meaning related to ‘kindness’. In mythology we find him as the twin brother of Castor and that’s why we place him in the sky in the constellation Gemini.
  • Lesathis part of the constellation Scorpius and has an Arabic origin meaning “sting”. It is one of those rare names for children that are very attractive to parents who are looking for a different name for their children.
  • Bahamis the name is of Arabic origin and has a meaning related to “good luck”. We find it in the sky in the constellation Pegasus, so the name comes loaded with charisma and strength.
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