Meaning of Amanda

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This page proposes to describe the meaning of Amanda and also its origin.

You will see that meaning is deeply related to love.

This page is made up of historical reference, containing names of characters with the name Amanda. At the end of the page with the meaning of Amanda, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you think about the meaning of Amanda and its origin.

You can also detail the personality of the Amanda you know. This is a collaborative name meaning portal.

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Meaning of Amanda

Meaning of Amanda is Working or Active.

Amanda’s meaning is “worthy of being loved”. Amanda is a Female name.

The origin of the name Amanda is Latin. There are sources that indicate that the name Amanda is a variation of Amália, which is of Gothic origin, meaning “hardworking” and “active”.

Historical reference with the name Amanda

  • Amanda (award) – a Norwegian award;
  • Amanda Show – Nickelodeon television show;
  • Amanda (novel) – Candice F. Ransom book, 1984;
  • Amanda (Ohio) – locality in the state of Ohio, United States;
  • Amanda (Highlander) – Immortal woman in Highlander: The Series.
  • Amanda Kirby (character) – fictional character from the dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park III
  • Amanda (Star Fox) – fictional character from the video game Star Fox.
  • Amanda Seyfried – Model for the Ford Model agency.
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