Meaning of João

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João is a very popular name in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries. Its popularity is also a reference to two great biblical characters mentioned in the New Testament, as we will see in the references section at the end of this page.

This page proposes to describe the meaning of this name and also the origin of the name.

The page is also composed of a historical reference and curiosities, containing names of characters with the name João, further enhancing its meaning.

At the end of the page, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you think of the meaning of João of his origin. You can also detail the personality of the João you know.

Meaning of João

The meaning of João, according to the original Hebrew name Iohanan, John means “God is full of grace”, “graced by God” or even “the grace and mercy of God” and “God forgives”.

The name has an explicitly religious side, if we analyze the composition of its name: elements Yah, which means “Yahweh, Jehovah, God”, and hannah, which means “grace”.

This name is a popular name since antiquity, mainly by the Jews. Later, it was also adopted by Christians.

The name João also has different versions depending on the location and language spoken in the country. In the Spanish language, it is common to have the Juan variation. In Italy, Giovanni is also widely used.

Historical reference with the name João

Now, let’s see the main historical references and curiosities of the name João.


  • Apostle John – One of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ Gospel According to John
  • John the Baptist – prophet, cousin of Jesus Christ
  • Saint John.

Byzantine Emperors:

  • John I Tzimiskes
  • John II Komnenos
  • John III Ducas Vatatzes
  • John IV Lascaris
  • John V Palaiologos
  • John VI Kantakouzenos
  • John VII Palaiologos
  • John VIII Palaiologos
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