Meaning of José

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In this article, we are going to describe the meaning of the name José and also its origin.

This Joseph meaning page has a part containing historical characters named José. A dynamic content area is also available, in which you can describe what you think about José, interacting with other users.

Meaning of José

Joseph, from the Hebrew name יוסף, transl.Yosef, which means “He who adds” or even “God multiplies”. It is a very popular name with religious references.

According to historical documents, the name José was quite common among Jews in the Middle Ages and also in the early Christian era.

Historical reference with the name José

Joseph, son of Jacob, born of Rachel, quoted in the Old Testament, in Genesis 37. He was considered the founder of the tribe of Joseph. According to the bible, he was crowned a man of trust to Pharaoh. He became known as a dream interpreter.

Joseph, introduced as Joseph of Nazareth, was the husband of the Virgin Mary and the considerate father of Jesus Christ.

3.1 Biblical characters

  • Joseph (son of Jacob), patriarch of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, governor of Egypt
  • Saint Joseph, a character in Christianity who, together with Mary, took care of Jesus Christ in his early years
  • Joseph (Book of Mormon), son of Lehi, character in the Book of Mormon
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