Meaning of Livia

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This page proposes to describe the meaning of Lívia, as well as her origin.

It is also composed of historical reference, containing the name of characters with the name Lívia, further enhancing its meaning. You can also write the meaning of Livia for you, and thus contribute to add more information on this page.

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Meaning of Lívia

Meaning of Lívia

The meaning of Livia is “Pale” or “Livid” or even “Clara”. It comes from Latin, from the word liviu.

Historical reference with the name Livia

See the main references of the name Livia:

  • Lívia Andrade
  • Lívia Barraque
  • Lívia Drusa
  • Lívia Falcão
  • Lívia Ledier
  • Lívia Lemos
  • Lívia Mund
  • Lívia Rossi
  • Lívia Ferreira
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