Meaning of Mary

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On this meaning of Mary page, we will describe her meaning and origin. The page is made up of historical reference, which contains a list of names of historical characters with the name Maria.

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Meaning of the name Mary

The meaning of Mary is uncertain. There are sources that point to the name Mary as an Egyptian origin, derived from mry (“beloved”) or mr (“love”). In Hebrew (Miriam), the meaning is Rebellion.

There is also evidence that it was a popular name in Europe before the Christian religion, as a feminine form of the name Marius.

Facts about the name Maria

According to the IBGE website, Maria is the most used name in Brazil. According to this source, approximately 7% of the people in Brazil are called Maria, and its variations.

Historical reference with the name Maria

Meaning of Mary is Beloved or Love.

Biblical characters

Mary was the mother of Jesus, extremely respected by the 12 apostles. She became an important woman in the history of Christianity, conceived Jesus Christ while still engaged to Joseph.

The name Mary also names a total of seven characters in the bible. Among these are Mary Magdalene (Mt 27:56), the mother of James (Mk 15:40), the mother of Mark (Acts 12:12), and the sister of Lazarus (Luke 10:39).

Maryis mentioned fifty-two times in Scripture, all in the New Testament, most notably in the Gospels of Mark and John.

Mary in Islam

Mary holds a special place within the religion of Islam. It is the only female name cited by the Qur’an (Sura 3:42).

And when the angels said: O Mary, truly Allah has announced His Word to you, his name will be the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honored in this world and in the Hereafter, and he will be among those close to Allah.

Other Historical References

  • Mary I, Queen of Scots (Stuart dynasty)
  • Mary I, Queen of England (Tudor dynasty)
  • Mary II, Queen of England and Queen of Scots (Stuart dynasty)
  • Maria I (D. Maria Francisca), queen of Portugal (Bragança dynasty)
  • Maria II (D. Maria da Glória), queen of Portugal (Bragança dynasty)
  • Maria Romanov – Russian Grand Duchess


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