Meaning of Rodrigo

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This page proposes to describe the meaning of Rodrigo, as well as the origin of this name.

As you will see on this page, o nome Rodrigo is related to royalty and for being famous for his glory.

As you will see more below, the meaning of Rodrigo on this page is also made up of references, containing names of characters with the name Rodrigo that were part of the story.

At the end of the page with the meaning of Rodrigo, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you thought of the meaning of Rodrigo and its origin. Any questions about the meaning of Rodrigo, you can use the comments section available at the bottom of the page.

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About the meaning of Rodrigo

The meaning of Rodrigo is “Famous Leader”, “Renowned King”, or sometimes “Famous for Glory”. Rodrigo is a given name, common in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The origin of the name Rodrigo is Germanic.

The name Rodrigo is derived from the Old Germanic Hrodric in old high German and Hroðricus (old English).

The name Rodrigo takes several forms such as Hrœrekr (Norway), Hrørīkr or Rørik (Danish, Swedish) and Riurik in Slavic. The name Rodrigo in English takes the form of Roderick.

References and curiosities

Below is a list of names of famous people with the name of Rodrigo. This page has the purpose of citing the name of people whose name is Rodrigo who were part of History.

  • Rodrigo, last Visigoth king in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Rodrigo Sanches, Exemplary Medieval Knight from the 13th century and son of D. Sancho I of Portugal
  • Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar – Spanish hero known as El Cid
  • Rodrigo Froilaz – First Count of Castile
  • Rodrigo Santoro – Brazilian actor
  • Rodrigo Lima – Vocalist of the hardcore band Dead Fish
  • Rodrigo Koala – Vocalist of the hardcore band Hateen
  • Rodrigo Faro – Brazilian actor and presenter, currently runs O Melhor do Brasil on Rede Record.
  • Rodrigo Baldasso da Costa – Brazilian footballer who plays as a defender and defends São Paulo
  • Rodrigo Juliano Lopes de Almeida – footballer aka “Rodrigo Beckham”
  • Rodrigo José Queiroz Chagas – Brazilian footballer revealed by Vitória who has also played for Corinthians and Cruzeiro
  • Rodrigo – Portuguese fado singer
  • Rodrigo González – Mexican singer, known as “Rockdrigo”
  • Rodrigo Lacerda Ramos – Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo Augusto da Silva – Brazilian lawyer and politician, co-author of Lei Áurea
  • Joaquín Rodrigo – Spanish composer and pianist

This page contains the meaning of Rodrigo and also characters from History with the name Rodrigo.

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