Meaning of Thais

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This page proposes to describe the meaning of Thais, as well as the origin of the name.

Thais has a meaning related to light and admiration.

It is also composed of historical reference, containing the name of characters with the name Thais, further enhancing its meaning.

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The Meaning of Thais

Meaning of Thais is "Light that must be contemplated".

The meaning of Thais is “light that must be contemplated”, it also means “the one that is admired” or “the one that is completed”.

The origin of Thais is Greek.

As you will see in the references, a historical figure is Saint Thais, who became an inspiration for Christianityin her time.

Historical reference with the name Thais

See the main references with the name Thais.


  • Saint Thais – Thais lived in the 4th century in Roman Egypt. Venerated by the Catholic Church
  • Thaís Fersoza
  • Thaís Furlan
  • Thaís Garayp
  • Thaís Ibañez
  • Thaís Pacholek
  • Thaís Portinho
  • Thaís Ribeiro Picarte
  • Thaís Vaz
  • Thaís de Andrade
  • Thaís de Campos

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