Meaning of Vinícius

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Let’s talk about the meaning of Vinícius and also the origin of the name.

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About the Meaning of Vinícius

Meaning of Vinícius is "He who produces wine".

Vinícius means “One who produces wine”, “wine”, “viniculturist” or “from the nature of wine”.

O nome é predominantemente masculino e tem origem no latim Vinicius.

Undoubtedly, the name Vinícius reflects what is most pleasant in the drink, which is considered by many cultures to be elegant and sacred.

References and curiosities

Now, we will see the main references and curiosities with the name Vinícius.

  • Vinicius de Moraes, born Marcus Vinicius de Moraes, was a Brazilian poet, playwright, journalist, diplomat, singer and composer. He was also known as Little Poet.
  • Vinícius Pacheco dos Santos, better known as Vinícius Pacheco, or simply Vinícius, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a midfielder and striker. Vinícius Pacheco, being ambidextrous, has the advantage of being able to play on both sides.
  • Pedro de Camargo was an educator and promoter of the spiritist doctrine in Brazil. His work in the area of Education is still a reference on the subject. He adopted the pseudonym Vinicius.
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