Names related to the sea

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Names related to the sea are always inspiring. Many fathers and mothers seek to express their love for the sea in different aspects of their lives, and naming their children is no exception.

Each parent has a different logic in selecting names.

Nowadays, people are looking for ocean-related baby names. One of the reasons is that they want their child to have an all-encompassing nature like the ocean.

Furthermore, life must be as vast as an ocean, where the limits cannot be seen. It is a prevailing belief that a child can resonate with their name. It can affect the way a child grows or behaves. They can advance to a profession related to their name.

With all these things in mind, we prepared a list of boy and girl names that mean ocean.

You will find a list of male and female sea-related names. We strive to include the origin of all names, and we encourage you to be cautious in choosing names from cultures with which you have no connection.

Many cultures name babies through specific traditions, so it can be seen as cultural appropriation to take a name from a culture you don’t belong to.

List of Names Related to the Sea

List of female sea-related names


Serena transmits calm as the sea. This name originates from the Latin “Serenus”. Serena is a common name in several countries such as England, Italy and also in Brazil.


Alcione means “she who makes her nest in the sea”. It comes from the Greek name Alkuon.
In Greek mythology, Alcyone was one of the Pleidades, the name given to the daughters of Atlas and Pleione.

See also: Named list of Greek goddesses.


Marina also has a meaning related to the sea: “The one that comes from the sea”. It comes from the Latin Marinus.

This name is also present in several languages such as Marina in Nordic, Marine in Russian and Marine in French.


Also a name related to the sea, it means “protector of the home”, “goddess of the sea” and even “mother of fish”.

Janaína is one of the names linked to Iemanjá, an orixá that symbolizes the divinity linked to the sea.


Luana means “Mount of the Moon and Earth”, or originated in Luanda. It is also the name given to the capital of Angola.


Rita means “Pearl” or “Creature of Light”.

As you know, pearls are found inside oysters and are very valuable and admired, consisting of a luxury item.


Marjani is a female name meaning “Red coral”. It is an unusual name in Brazil but certainly very beautiful.

List of female sea-related names


I know we don’t need to say it, but it’s an extremely strong name. After all, Poseidon is the king of the seas in Greek Mythology.


Erasmo means “the one who generates love” or “the one who is loved”. The connection of the name with the sea comes precisely from Erasmo de Formia, who is the patron saint of sailors.


Caique is one of the most famous names related to the sea. It means “water bird”.

It has Tupi origin, and is a cultural heritage of one of the main Brazilian indigenous tribes.

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