Names that mean darkness

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Do you search for names that mean darkness? The desire for darkness, the supernatural and names that mean darkness are responsible for causing fascination in humanity.

This happens long before the time when witches who were able to predict the future, and also the navigators who passed through the Iberian Peninsula and thousands more who were extremely curious about the existence of sea monsters in the ocean.

And this fascination extends to this day, in which mystical creatures are portrayed in series, movies, aimed at dealing with dark creatures, and because of the mystery, they are so successful.

In this article, you will find names that convey darkness.

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Curiosity about dark names

One of the main responses to this curiosity is precisely the fear of the unknown that people have.

As well as the great need to escape from everyday life, which ends up making many people fall in love with dark stories and tales. This makes the theme famous for some, and increasingly exploited by the film industry.

There are also people who have always been drawn to the shadow world, as it has an extremely intriguing mystery.

The secrets and much more make them excited to navigate deeper and deeper into this universe and in this text, we’ll talk a little more about it.

In this article, we will bring the names that mean darkness so that you can stay on top of the main messages they want to convey, so if you want to know more, keep reading and find out.

List of Names that Mean Darkness

Fun facts about names that mean darkness

Here we list the names that have a meaning related to darkness.

  • Valkyrie: this name has Norse origin and means the one who chooses the dead;
  • Ulysses: the name Ulysses means son of anger or hatred;
  • Tristana: the name Tristana refers to the one who lives in the shadows;
  • Tristan: the name tristan means sadness or sad;
  • Samael: this name means angel of death;
  • Raven: The name Raven resembles a raven and has some very dark symbolism;
  • Perseus: Perseus comes from the Greek to annihilate and destroy;
  • Persephone: this name also has Greek origin and means the one who brings death.
  • Osiris: Osiris has meaning in Egyptian mythology and means the judge of the underworld;
  • Amon: Amon has its origins in Egyptian mythology and means the hidden, the hidden;
  • Anubis: Anubis in Egyptian mythology means royal son, prince or decay. He is considered the god of the dead in this mythology;
  • Ares: in Greek mythology, Ares means ruin. And he is also considered the god of war;
  • Azrael: in Hebrew, this name means my help is God. Already in Jewish and Christian traditions, it means the angel of death;
  • Bethany: for the Hebrew this name means house of affliction;
  • Cyprian: in Latin, this name means one who came from Cyprus. The Book of Saint Cyprian is a well-known work linked to occultism, witchcraft and exorcism;
  • Deimos: the name Deiemos comes from the Greek and means panic. In Greek mythology Deimos is the personification of terror;
  • Dolores: has Spanish origin and in a free translation means pains;
  • Eris: this name has Greek origin and means conflict, discord. Eris is the Greek goddess of discord;
  • Évora: the Witch of Évora, according to historians and scholars on the subject, would have been Saint Cyprian’s teacher in the occult world;
  • Hades: this name has Greek origin and means invisible. In Greek mythology he is the god of the underworld;
  • Jennifer: although very well known to Brazilians, the name Jennifer means white spirit in English;
  • Laila: comes from the Hebrew and means night;
  • Leila: is one of the variants of Laila;
  • Lilith: In Akkadian, Lilith means of the night. It was the name of one of the demons in ancient Assyrian myths;
  • Lissa: This name is of Greek origin and means anger. In mythology, Lissa is the very personification of anger as well as rage;
  • Lucifer: One of the most well-known names of all is Lucifer and it means to bring light. It is the angel who rebelled against God, being the one who brings light;
  • Maeve: this name is of Gaelic origin and means intoxicating;
  • Mara: Mara comes from the Hebrew and means bitter;
  • Morana: here we have a name whose origin is Nordic and means death, plague. In Slavic mythology she is the goddess of death and winter;
  • Odin: another name of Norse origin and which means anger, frenzy. In Norse mythology he is the god of death, wisdom and war;
  • Odysseus: this name is of Greek origin and means to hate;
  • Orpheus: this name is also of Greek origin and means darkness of the night;
  • Callidora: this name is of Greek origin and means the one who has the gift of beauty, being extensively explored in the Harry Potter saga;
  • Carrie: this name has been the subject of songs, but currently, it is closely linked to the film that portrays an extremely tormented schoolgirl;
  • Cerberus: this is a dog with three heads and who is the guard of hell, being a direct subordinate of Hades, according to Greek mythology.
  • Eblis: According to Muslims, Eblis is portrayed as Satan for Christians, therefore, he is the very manifestation of the devil for these people.
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