Names that mean sun

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We often meet people who have different names or who we are not used to hearing often.

But, many times, their choices are not for the beauty of the name or for its popularity, for example, they are choices due to the meaning of the name, as, for example, the ones that we will quote below, the names that mean sun.

Many people end up having a lot of doubt when choosing the name if their babies, thinking about who likes the sun and light, we will provide names that mean sun below, to make the choice easier, or if you have already chosen one of these names, you are aware of meaning.

What are the names that mean sun?

Regarding the names that mean sun, there are some that refer a lot to this meaning, the following are the ones that are closest to the meaning sun:

  • Apolônia: this is a more classic name, Apollonia is linked to the Greek god Apollo and is also considered the deity of the sun. That’s why the name has the meaning of “consecrated to Apollo” , “in honor of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun” , “daughter of the sun” . Being a child of the sun has a symbolic meaning of light;
  • Artemis: in Greek and Latin, Artemis means “soft light of the Sun and the creative heat” or “luminous manifestation of God” ;
  • Aruna: The name is more different, referring to the morning sun, symbol of beauty, isn’t it? It originates in Sanskrit, meaning “dawn” , “reddish brown” , “the rising” , “the beginning” , “the rising of the day” , “hope” ;
  • Aurora: it is a feminine name that came from the Latin (aurora), which means: “the one who is like the sunrise” ;
  • Sunflower: It is actually the name of a plant (Helianthus annus) which means “flower of the sun” . Because it’s unusual, it can appeal to parents who like to get away from the ordinary;
  • Guaraci: because it is a unisex name with indigenous roots, mainly from Tupi-Guarani, the name means “the mother of this day” , “the Sun” , “the mother of this clarity” . In indigenous mythology, Guaraci is considered the deity of the sun;
  • Helios(a): the name comes from the Greek (Helios) and literally means “sun” – the name was of the deity of the sun in Greek mythology;
  • Kaiki: Kaiki originated in Hawaii and was originally a female name – although it is often used for boys in Brazil. It means “Sun-girl” or “she who glides on the waters” ;
  • Kalinda: you won’t find that name easily, it’s rare in Brazil. It probably originated in India and literally means “sun“;
  • Oriana: has the same meaning as Aurora, but the origin is unknown. This name is not very common and is a good choice for those who want something more primitive. Means “gold” , “sunrise” , “dawn” ;
  • Ravi: this is a masculine name, derived from the Sanskrit Ravi, which means “the sun“. This predominantly male name carries the symbolic meaning of the sun and therefore reflects light, knowledge and power;
  • Sun: this is an increasingly popular female name, not least because it conveys the symbolic meaning of light, vitality and power. In relation to the stars of the solar system, the name means “majestic” , “sun” ; “solemn” , “that receives sun” ;
  • Yoko: We can’t do without a Japanese name on this list, mainly because Yoko has the symbolic meaning of light. Combining the youelements can have the meaning of “sun, sunlight” or “ocean” and ko, which means “child“, and obtain the meaning of “radiant child“, “solar child” or “childish ocean“.

Names with meaning of light

Names that mean sun

Linked to names that mean sun, names with meaning of light and with representation of lighting, are also great choices for names in these senses. Therefore, we decided to list below the names that have the meaning of light and illumination.

  • Abner: We started with a completely different and beautiful male name, especially for those who believe in God. Abner is a Hebrew name composed of the elements ab, meaning “father” and hinermeaning “light“, so it means “my father is a light“, “father of light“, “illumined father“. Although it is not a very common name, according to the 2010 Census, more than 12,000 people were registered with this name meaning light;
  • Clara or Clarice: That’s obvious, isn’t it? Both names come from the Latin word Clarus, from the adjective clara, meaning “bright, illustrious“. Clarice, as well as Clarissa, is a derivative of the same origin. If you don’t like single names, you can combine other names with Clara to form other beautiful names;
  • Helena or Helen: these beautiful Latin names come from the Greek (Heléne) “torch“, derived from (helê) “sunbeam“. Therefore, it means “shining one“, “shining one“, “shining one“. Interestingly, in Greek mythology, Helen is the name of a man. He is the son of Deucalion and Pila. After Zeus destroyed everything with a flood, they were responsible for rebuilding the land;
  • Lohan: elegante e descomplicado, Lohan é um nome moderno que se originou na França, com a palavra luz em sua etimologia. The information indicates that the name is a variant of Elouan, being a Breton word meaning “light“. In this sense, Luohan has the same meaning as the name Lucius, derived from the Latin lux, light;
  • Luca or Lucas: the two names have the same meaning, with Luca being the Italian variant of the Latin name Lucas. The etymology points to the Greek words loukas and loukanos, meaning “from Lucania” or “lucano“, which in turn derives from the roots lyke, lukand luc, meaning “light“. If you think of a boy’s name, which means light, but you don’t want anything that is so common, and the option of Luka or Luke, this may be the first form of the name, which emerged in 12th century England undergoing changes. over time;
  • Sueli: the name has a Germanic root, derived from the root suel, which literally means “light” The letter “i” added at the end appears to be used to characterize the person being nominated. Thus, the name Sueli means “the one who is like light”, or “the one who has the characteristics of light”.
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