List of Nicknames for Alice

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Choosing a name for a child is not an easy task, first because there are so many options.

But also, because parents want to put a name with meaning, representation and beauty.

Alice is one of the best known names for girls when it comes to a name with a beautiful meaning.

In addition, Alice is also one of the darling names because it sounds very good and since there are several possibilities of Nicknames for Alice.

Thus, Alice is a popular name, affectionate, easy to pronounce and write, and full of good qualities.

Furthermore, the name Alice carries a lot of happiness, dedication, extroversion and joy. In the following text, the reader will know why people search for the name Alice.

Why do people search for the name Alice?

People look for the name Alice, because it is a very beautiful and well-known name.

But also, because it has a very joyful, true meaning, and that brings happiness.

In addition, the name Alice allows parents and friends to define affectionate nicknames.

Furthermore, the mentioned name has a very important place in history, because it is characterized by the story of Saint Alice.

Finally, Alice is characterized by a cheerful and outgoing personality.

Origins of the name Alice

The name Alice does not have a defined origin, since it is believed in two possibilities.

In this sense, the first possibility is that the name Alice comes from the Greek Alethos.

Therefore, the name Alice can be translated as true.

But also, there is the second possibility that Alice is a variation of the name Adelaide.

Thus, Alice would be a name with Germanic origin.

Therefore, the name Alice is a result of the terms: adal and haidu.

Adal means noble and haidu means quality or species.

What does the name Alice mean?

The name Alice has been popular and well known for a long time, however, it became even better known after the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Furthermore, the name Alice means that she possesses a noble quality, one that is true, real, dignified and honorable.

In addition, the present name allows parents and friends to find different creative and beautiful nicknames.

Alice in world history

Most people don’t know, but in the story there is a saint from the Catholic church named Alice.

Saint Alice is of German origin and from a young age she showed such devotion to God.

Also, as a child, Alice was accepted into a monastery located in Belgium.

But in that place she couldn’t go out, just stay with her sisters.

Over time, Alice became a nun and strictly followed the rules of the monastery she lived in.

However, Alice herself had leprosy, which is a very contagious disease, and due to time there was no cure.

In this way, those who contracted the disease were segregated and left aside from others, so that further contamination would not occur.

However, the nuns fed her, however, she became blind and paralyzed due to illness.

But what stands out in the story of Saint Alice is her devotion to God, as she remained faithful despite all this suffering and afflictions.

As well, she continued to give thanks for life and always praying, and she continued to be grateful to have known Jesus Christ in life.

Another interesting fact is that Alice prayed for souls, and argued that her sacrifices and prayers save souls from purgatory.

Alice died in 1250, but she remained an example, for her faith, gratitude and devotion to God, which inspired many people.

In this context, many visited his burial place to intercede on their own causes and carry out pilgrimages.

Finally, Saint Alice’s Day is celebrated on June 15th.

Personalidade de Alice

Alice’s Personality is characterized by a lot of joy, extroversion and sociability.

In other words, he is a very cheerful and happy person.

In addition, Alice seeks the pleasures that life has to offer.

However, it always fights to be recognized and to succeed.

In addition, the search for what you want is not very difficult because Alice is a great person to live with, spontaneous, cheerful, friendly and conquers everyone around her.

In addition, the search for what you want is not very difficult because Alice is a great person to live with, spontaneous, cheerful, friendly and conquers everyone around her.

In love, Alice is the one who fights for those she loves and believes in, and this applies to any relationship, love, family, friends.

What names suit Alice?

In addition to talking about Nicknames for Alice, it is possible to mention the different possibilities of compound names for this name.

For example:

  • Mary Alice;
  • Ana Alice;
  • Lívia Alice;
  • Antônia Alice.

Also, Alice can be followed by other names.

For example: Christina; Maria; Kelly; Beatriz or Carolina.

In either case, Alice becomes a nice, beautiful, and good-sounding composite name.

Nicknames for Alice

As mentioned there are many possibilities of Nicknames for Alice, because it is a sweet, pleasant name.

Nicknames for Alice are a way of shortening the name, but also showing affection.

Nicknames for Alice are:

  • Ali;
  • Licy;
  • Licinha;
  • Lí;
  • Cinha;
  • Cece;
  • Lili;
  • Lice;
  • Cici;
  • Alicinha;
  • Lyssa.

As you may have noticed there are a variety of Nicknames for Alice, because it is a common name, but very pleasant.

In addition, when choosing to name Alice, it is important to consider its beautiful meaning, origin and history.

In addition, there is also the typical Alice personality that exudes joy, extroversion and happiness.

Obviously, such a strong and beautiful name could not help but have beautiful nicknames, as mentioned above.

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