Meaning of Walkiria

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You will see in this article the meaning of Walkiria, you will also learn more about the origin of this name. As you will see, the meaning of this name has to do with worship and veneration.

This page is also made up of a historical reference, containing the name and curiosities about the name, further enhancing its meaning as Walkiria.

At the end of the page, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you think about the meaning. You can also detail the Walkiria personality you know and share it with us.

The Vigil of the Walkiria, by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Robert Hughes.
The Vigil of the Walkiria, by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Robert Hughes.

About Meaning of Walkiria

Walkiria meaning: She who chooses the dead.

Walkiria significa “a que elege os mortos” ou “aquela que escolhe os mortos”.

The Norse name Valkyrja, composed of the union of the elements valr, which means “dead” and kyrja, which means “to elect, to choose”.

As we will see in the historical references part, within Norse mythology, the valkyries were the female deities that took the heroes killed in wars to “Valhalla”. In the beliefs of religions belonging to Nordic paganism, it is a majestic place and huge hall with 540 doors, located in Asgard, to reward warriors.

Historical references

Now we will see some historical references about the name.

  • Walkirias are mentioned or described in various mythological sources from Medieval Scandinavia. They are maidens who served Odin under Freya’s orders. The objective was to elect the most warriors killed in battle and lead them to the hall of the dead, Valhalla, to be converted into Einherjar. The choice served half of those who died in battle (the other half went to Freyja’s camp in the afterlife called Fólkvangr). Odin’s goal is to elect warriors to fight by his side in the battle at the end of the world – Ragnarök.
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