Name Meanings

What is the Meaning of Names?

Name Meaning is a free repository that contains proper name meanings. The site has been live since 2011, and since then, it has been improving over time.

We have added hundreds of thousands of names to our database, just so you can find the name, origin and its meanings.

Our proposal is to present the origins and describe their meaning, promoting participation among readers in a way that positively complements the content.

The site was designed to help you make the decision to choose a baby name, according to its meaning or origin. Also available for your choice, historical references of the name.

In addition, it is possible to participate and publicly give the meaning of the name.

How to search by names

We have two main features for you to use the site: through the search by name and through the letter search.

Use the search form above to find the name and its origin.

We also have a blog, where we write content about names and curiosities. We also develop health and education related content on our blog.