Meaning of Benjamin

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This page aims to describe the meaning of the name Benjamin, as well as its origin. It is also composed of historical reference, containing names of characters whose name is Benjamin, further enhancing its meaning.

As you will see in this article, Benjamin has a meaning related to victory. We will also see that the name Benjamin is one of the names whose origin is uncertain.

At the end of the page with the meaning of Benjamin, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you think of the meaning of Benjamin and its origin. You can also detail the personality of the Benjamin you know.

About Meaning of Benjamin

Benjamin's meaning is "Son of Happiness".

Benjamin means “son of happiness”, “son of the right hand” and also “the beloved”.

The name Benjamin derives from the Hebrew Benyamin, ben meaning “son”, and yamin, meaning “right hand”. Hence the name means “son of the right hand”. It can also mean “son of happiness”.

As we will see in the historical references section, in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, Benjamin is described as the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel.

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Historical references

  • Benjamin is the biblical character, he was the youngest son of Jacob and Raquel, who died when he gave birth to him. It was from the descendants of Benjamin that the first king of Israel emerged: Saul.
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