Meaning of Guilherme

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This page proposes to describe the meaning of Guilherme, as well as its origin. It is also composed of historical reference, containing the name of characters with the name Guilherme, further enhancing its meaning.

You will see that the meaning of the name is deeply related to protection, including, there are scholars who also point to references in Norse mythology. You can also see references with the name Guilherme.

At the end of the page with the meaning of Guilherme, you have the option to participate, writing on this page what you think of the meaning and origin of the name. You can also detail the personality of Guilherme that you know.

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About the meaning of Guilherme

Meaning of Guilherme is Protector.

There are basically two meanings for the name Guilherme.

The meaning of Guilherme is “protector”, “protected”, or “one who protects”.

The origin of the name Guilherme is Teutonic. The name William derives from the Germanic name Wilhelm, which is formed from will(will) and helm(protection).

There are also other scholars who claim that the name William comes from Germanic. And its meaning has reference to the Norse/Germanic god named Vili, brother of Odin.

There are scholars who attribute another possible meaning to Guilherme, also coming from the Germanic. It means “one who is under the protection of Vili”, where Vili would be a Norse and Germanic god, brother of Odin.

Reference and Curiosities

Here, we separate some of the personalities and curiosities with the name of Guilherme. You will see that there are several famous names with the name.

  • Guilherme Milhomem Gusmão, known only as Guilherme is a Brazilian football player who plays as an attacking midfielder.
  • Guilherme de Cássio Alves, better known as Guilherme Alves, or simply Guilherme, is a Brazilian coach and former footballer who played as a forward.
  • Guilherme Arantes is a Brazilian singer and songwriter.
  • William I of England, former King of England, also known as William the Conqueror
  • Frederick William I of Prussia, former King of Prussia
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