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This page will describe the real meaning of Rafael and his origin.

The page is made up of historical references about well-known characters with the name Rafael.

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Meaning of the name Rafael

The meaning of Raphael, has Hebrew origin (Raphael) which means “God healed him” or “healed by God”.

The name was adopted by early Christians in the Middle Ages because of its religious symbolism. He was quite popular among the Jews.

Historical characters named Rafael

See now the main historical references with this name.

Saint Raphael Archangel

is the name of an archangel common to the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, responsible for performing all types of healing. Sent by God to heal in His Name.

Christianity, when “deriving” from Judaism, also developed some conceptions of the hierarchy of the angelic and attributions of the angelic and the same happened in Islam.

Some scholars claim that Archangel Raphael was sent to Egypt during Passover. He and Metatron would be the ones sent by God to murder certain firstborn in Egypt during the outbreak of the Egyptian plagues.

Archangel Raphael would also have dueled against Samyaza at the behest of God. Some biblical references about the archangel:

  • First Book of Enoch.
  • Prayer to the Archangel Saint Raphael.
  • Old testment. Book of Tobias. Chapter 5, verse 4.
  • Old testment. Book of Tobias. Chapter 6, verse 3.
  • Old testment. Book of Tobias. Chapter 6, verse 11.
  • Old testment. Book of Tobias. Chapter 12, verse 15.
  • New Testament. Gospel of John. Chapter 5, verse 2.

Rafael Sanzio

The Italian Renaissance painter and architect Rafael Sanzio (Raffaello Sanzio in his original form) was one of the best-known historical personalities with this name.

Several works from the Vatican were received by the celebrated artist throughout his career. Several frescoes are scattered in various churches and chapels of the Papal State.

Luan Rafael Santana

Luan Rafael Domingos Santana, better known as Luan Santana, is a Brazilian singer, presenter and songwriter.

His first album, Tô de Cara, was released in 2009, and he achieved fame with his song “Meteoro”.

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